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DIY Photo Booth v Professional Hire

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DYI is the current trend and buzz word when it comes to most aspect of anything to do with weddings; make it your own, seeing your handiwork being enjoyed by your guests, making it totally personal to you. Spending £95 on supplies making something which you can buy for £20! Below we looking at the pros and the cons of the DIY Photo Booth as opposed to hiring your booth from an outside company.

There are however some things which, if your budget can stretch, might be better if you can have a professional do the work for you.

Victoria Lily Events’ Vintage and Instagram Photo Booths are both creative in the way we capture shots of your guests whilst they have all the fun dressing up in our vintage inspired props and costumes.

Vintage Photo Booth

Vintage Photo Booth

Whilst there are pros to organising your own DYI photo booth for your events; such as controlling the costs as you can spend as much or as little as your budget allows, sourcing your own software and using your own props. You can let your creative flag fly and have complete freedom with how your booth looks and maybe possibly have running all night long. However, as with anything, there are cons too!

If you’re going to do away with hiring a professional company, you will need to ensure you consider the following. One of the most important being – who is going to run the DIY photo booth for you during the wedding and what happens if something goes wrong? Victoria Lily Events’ booths are always manned with a friendly booth attendant who can resolve any technical issues there and then as they are all fully trained. We will provide your guests with all the instructions as to how the booth works.

Vintage Photo Booth

Vintage Photo Booth

When we attend to set up your booth, we are indiscreet and quick! We allow 45 minutes from arrival to set up and we are ready to go. If you are providing your own, you will need to allow time and designate someone to take charge of this.

It may cost you more than you think to DIY your own booth; you’ll have to factor in the equipment costs such as software, camera, paper, lighting, iPad, printer and the props. After purchasing these items, the costs of hiring a booth from a company who specialises may not be much greater.

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