Garden Glamping

Our Garden Glamping Bell Tents are the ultimate slice of luxury and glamour in your very own back garden.

They are the perfect way to help celebrate a birthday, anniversary, milestone or just to create a little bit of a retreat away from the four walls

We have three Garden Glamping Options available

Delivery and set up with a 4m bell tent which is pitched empty for you to furnish and decorate as you wish. 

Delivery – Set Up – Bell Tent – Raised Camp Beds – Sheets – Bedding – Carpets – Throws –  Tables – Hurricane LED lamps – Flowers / Plant – Rugs – Welcome Mat – Bunting  

Extra Guests £20 per person

Delivery – Set Up – Bell Tent – Real Double Bed – Mattress – Sheets – Luxury Bedding – Carpets – Throws –  Tables – Hurricane LED lamps – Flowers / Plant – Rugs – Welcome Mat – Bunting – Peacock Chair – Vintage Furniture – Boho Decor

Extra Guests £20 per person

Space Requirements and Garden Glamping Bell Tent Information

Two tent sizes – 4m sleeps up to 3/4 and needs a 5m space  and 5m sleeps up to 5/6 and needs a 6m space

Hire is up to 3 nights

Can we ask that any access to your garden is cleared entirely and no vehicles are in the way of access so we can easily transport our stock for set up and the area of the garden you want us to set up in is also a cleared space and clean of any debris so we can get everything up for you as quickly as possible. 

If at all possible, if we can park as close to your property as possible too, this is always appreciated as the equipment is heavy. 

We have a few rules for our bell tents:

1. No shoes at all to be worn inside the bell tent

2. No smoking of any kind inside the bell tent – this includes vapes.

3. Camp fires / BBQ’s to be at least 3 metres from the bell tent

4. Please clear of all rubbish, food waste and clear up any spillages –  if we have to clear any rubbish, confetti, balloons, food waste or anything we will have to charge for this. 

5. Dogs are welcome in the bell tent but please can they not go onto the beds or bedding.

6. Please do not take any of the bell tent furniture outside the bell tent and that include the lights as moisture damages them.

7. Lot of fun is mandatory.

Bell Tent Village Hire

When you are planning a wedding, party, event or festival; one of the things to consider is where are your guests going to go once the party is coming to a close. Are you sending them on their merry way home in a taxi or does your venue, garden or field have the space to accommodate your guests and a Bell Tent Village.

We’ve detailed below our top tips when deciding whether you want a Bell Tent Village at your event


First thing to consider is whether the area which you are wanting to set up the Bell Tent Village is large enough to accommodate the estimated number of bell tents you envisage your Bell Tent Village may have. We have various bell tent sizes and lots of ways to configure the Bell Tent Village; they can be set up in a straight line, horseshoe, as a street, dotted around or staggered. There is no limit to the design which we can come up with for how the village will look given the space available.

If you have enough space – book your venue and contact us with details of the event, date and venue.

We will need to have direct access to the site and will require enough room for large long wheel based vans and low loaders to enter the site to set up


Next thing to decide upon is who do you want your guests to book and we have two options available for you

  • The first option is that you, as the event organiser, block book a certain number of bell tents on your guests behalf.
  • The second option available is that we can deal with enquiries, bookings and payments direct from your guests. We set your event a bespoke and passworded booking area on our website dedicated just for your event. You simply pass on the link and the password to anyone invited to your event, they complete the booking form and pay their deposit online.

To secure either option, we require a small deposit to secure your event in our diary

If we are managing your bookings directly, you will also be sent an online booking worksheet which is updated each time we receive a enquiry or booking, you can instantly see via your link


The day before (usually a Wednesday , Thursday or Friday) we arrive at the site and being to set up the Bell Tent Village to ensure they are ready for guest arrival in plenty of time if your venue allows this. We can set up on the morning of the event of course if this is this only option which your venue will allow


We do not supply electricity so if you want to ensure your guests have electricity, you will have to arrange for power to reach the village, usually via a generator. If you didn’t want to arrange for electric to reach each bell tent, perhaps think about having one extra bell tent which can run mobile phone chargers, hair dryers, straighteners etc

If you have toilets or are hiring showers for your guests, make sure that you can have water running to the area where you are setting up the showers. Try and place the showers and the toilets within a decent walking distance from the Bell Tent Village

If there is a little bit of a walk from the party area to the glamping Bell Tent Village, you might want to consider some lighting along the walk way so guests are directed to the village

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    Honeymoon Bell Tent Hire

    Whether you’re planning a huge wedding with an entire weekend after party or just a quiet, intimate setting; our Luxury Honeymoon Bell Tent Suite is the perfect accommodation answer for your first few nights as a married couple

    Our Honeymoon Bell Tent comes with a real bed, a real mattress, hotel standard luxurious bedding and boho style furnishing that will make your stay with us in your Bell Tent feel like home

    We only provide one of these special Bell Tent Suite per bell tent village / per event booking to ensure it remains exclusive for our couples during the wedding weekend

    Of course, this uber luxury suite isn’t just for weddings – some of our clients who book a bell tent village for their special birthday or event reserve this suite for themselves so they have the ultimate glamping luxury experience with their friends and family

    Your Honeymoon Bell Tent can be a stand alone booking or nestled within a bell tent village, standing pride of place in the middle or somewhere a little more secluded. Our bell tents can be set up pretty much anywhere (apart from under trees!)

    We haven’t finished there either; if 10 or more guest bell tents are booked by yourself or your guests (if they are booking direct with us) your Honeymoon Suite will be FREE!!

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      What Is Glamping?

      • glamping/ˈɡlampɪŋ/noun

      “a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries”

      Glamping is perfect for those wedding guests or family members who love the idea of staying in the great outdoors but are reluctant to give up modern amenities; it’s where stunning nature meets modern luxury. Victoria Lily Events can provide your wedding or event with a boutique pop up village or hotel pretty much anywhere you’d like.

      Glamping Wedding

      Glamping Wedding

      Glamping accommodation for your nearest and dearest at your wedding is fast becoming the go to option for couples wanting to spend the entire weekend celebrating their nuptials, allow the party to continue around the bonfire way into the early hours under the stars and allowing couples to be as traditional or are quirky as you like, you can see why it is proving to be so popular!

      Wedding Glamping
      Wedding Glamping

      Let Us Take The Stress

      We provide your wedding with its very own password protected online booking system so we take over all the stress, wed-min, guest booking and enquires at no additional cost at all.

      How We Do It

      Once you have enquired about our services, we’ll set you guys up online with your dedicated booking portal. That’s where we take over the enquires and bookings direct from your guests. You’ll have access to an online spreadsheet so you’ll know exactly who has booked what.

      Contact Us

      Get in touch with us today for more information about how we can provide the ultimate glamping experience for your wedding or event.