In most cases, we do not have a minimum hire amount unless your booking is more than 40 miles away from our HQ. Most clients have a rough idea of the number of bell tents they would expect to be booked by their guests if being booked as a village for a wedding or event. All events during our busy summer season are a minimum of two nights hire. One night hire is not a problem, but the price will be the same as a two night hire.

We cover the entire UK and France with our bell tent hire and delivery charge is included in all our pricing unless we have to travel further than 60 miles from our HQ unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking.

Our prices start from £150 per tent hire for a two night hire. Please take a look at our Bell Tent Hire page for more detailed information about detailed prices, packages and any additions you may want to hire.

To book a bell tent village require a £200 booking fee to secure your bell tent hire weekend and a rough number of bell tents. This is either refunded one week after your event or used against the balance of your honeymoon suite (unless the Honeymoon Suite is free if you get over 10 bell tents in your bell tent village)

We don’t take damage deposits as 99% of all our clients and glampers are so respectful of our bell tents and the furnishings . We decided that no one wants an extra payment on top of their booking. However, for 1% that like to party a little too hard and don’t adhere to the house rules, we will invoice for any damage to the equipment and our stock. We have set out in Terms and Conditions any charges which will be incurred should any damage occur.