Christmas Photo Booth Hire

Christmas Photo Booth 2019 Hire for your Christmas party

Christmas photo booth hire
Christmas photo booth hire

We have packaged together a yuletide christmas package which will pack punch at at Christmas party which can be completely tailored to compliment the theme of your Christmas event.

Our Christmas Photo Booth 2019 Hire packages are the perfect entertainment addition to your Christmas party, corporate event or festive get-to-together with family. Our luxury photo booths will give your Christmas party the entertainment it deserves


Christmas Photo Booth Hire 2019

All Our Christmas Photo Booth packages come with the following:-

Instant Prints – Unlimited Prints – AirDrop – Social Media Uploads – Booth Attendant – Personalised Templates – Christmas Props – Unlimited Visits – Online Gallery

Our Christmas Photo Booth Package is from £500.00


What Is Glamping?

  • glamping/ˈɡlampɪŋ/noun

“a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries”

Glamping is perfect for those wedding guests or family members who love the idea of staying in the great outdoors but are reluctant to give up modern amenities; it’s where stunning nature meets modern luxury. Victoria Lily Events can provide your wedding or event with a boutique pop up village or hotel pretty much anywhere you’d like.

Glamping Wedding

Glamping Wedding

Glamping accommodation for your nearest and dearest at your wedding is fast becoming the go to option for couples wanting to spend the entire weekend celebrating their nuptials, allow the party to continue around the bonfire way into the early hours under the stars and allowing couples to be as traditional or are quirky as you like, you can see why it is proving to be so popular!

Wedding Glamping
Wedding Glamping

Let Us Take The Stress

We provide your wedding with its very own password protected online booking system so we take over all the stress, wed-min, guest booking and enquires at no additional cost at all.

How We Do It

Once you have enquired about our services, we’ll set you guys up online with your dedicated booking portal. That’s where we take over the enquires and bookings direct from your guests. You’ll have access to an online spreadsheet so you’ll know exactly who has booked what.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us today for more information about how we can provide the ultimate glamping experience for your wedding or event.

Hen Party Bell Tent Packages

Bride Tribe Package

This package sleeps up to 10 of your lovely tribe and includes the following

♥ Two Five Metre Bell Tent ♥

♥ Coir Carpets ♥

♥ Raised Single Camp Beds ♥

♥ Cushions ♥

♥ Rugs ♥

♥ Side Table ♥

♥ Inside and Outside Bunting ♥

♥ Fairy Lights Outside ♥

♥ Welcome Mats ♥

♥ Lantern ♥

♥ Face Mirror ♥

♥ Eye Masks ♥

♥ Bottle Water ♥

£450.00 Weekend Hire

(£45 per hen for the weekend based on 10 sharing two bell tents)

Hen Fest Package

This package sleeps up to 20 of your lovely tribe and includes the same as the Bride Tribe Package above but with:-

♥ Four Five Metre Bell Tent ♥

£900.00 Weekend Hire

(£45 per hen for the weekend based on 20  sharing the four bell tents)

Hen Camp Chill Tent

If you have early hen risers, the threat of rain (it won’t!) or need some extra space for those cocktail making classes and flower crown crafting sessions, then our Hen Camp Chill Tent is the perfect addition for the weekend:

♥ Five Metre Bell Tent ♥

♥ Coir Carpets ♥

♥ Floor Cushions ♥

♥ Bean Bags ♥

♥ Rugs ♥

♥ Side Tables ♥

♥ Inside and Outside Bunting ♥

♥ Fairy Lights Outside ♥

♥ Welcome Mats ♥

♥ Lanterns ♥

♥ Blankets ♥

♥ Eye Masks ♥

♥ Decor ♥

£225.00 Weekend Hire


Three months today and it will be Christmas Day and we are now taking bookings for Christmas parties, events and weddings for 2018!! We have put together one Festive Party Photo Booth package which is perfect for your office party, festive wedding or yuletide event. Our Photo Booth Hire covers London, Essex and the South East.

Festive Package












London Photo Booth Hire

Christmas Photo Booth Hire


[ut_one_half_last] [ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#d25459″ icon=”fa-star” headline=”Unlimited Instant Photos” shape=”round” width=”full”] Our vintage photo booth provides instant and unlimited photos with as many visits to the vintage booth as your guests can squeeze in! [/ut_service_column]

[ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#d25459″ icon=”fa-camera” headline=”Branded Photos” shape=”round” width=”full”] If you provide us with the company logo we will add to each photo when printed out as required. [/ut_service_column]

[ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#d25459″ icon=”fa-thumbs-up” headline=”Instagram Filters” shape=”round” width=”full”] You can pick from 12 Instagram filters to apply to your photos before printing [/ut_service_column] [/ut_one_half_last]

[ut_one_half] [ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#d25459″ icon=” fa-heart” headline=”Digital Copies” shape=”round” width=”full”] You will receive a USB or a DropBox link following your photo booth hire with all the high quality images in addition with a passworded online gallery too. [/ut_service_column]

[ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#d25459″ icon=”fa-film” headline=”Social Media” shape=”round” width=”full”] Live update to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest during or after the event direct from the vintage booth in addition to having the option of emailing your images direct from the photo booth straight to your inbox is available. After your event, we can upload a Facebook album too. We’re good like that.  [/ut_service_column]

[ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#d25459″ icon=”fa-share ” headline=”Props and Backgrounds” shape=”round” width=”full”] We like to stand out and so should you so all our christmas photo booth props are vintage sourced and inspired. Backdrop options available are red curtain or a tinsel backdrop. [/ut_service_column] [/ut_one_half]


Vintage Photo Booth

[/ut_one_half_last] [ut_clear]


City Photo Booth Hire

London Christmas Photo Booth Hire

Essex Christmas Photo Booth Hire

Photo Booth Hire London

Christmas Photo Booth

Party Photo Booth Hire

Festive Photo Booth Hire available in London, Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Essex and Hampshire. Our Yuletide Package is available for bookings from 1st December 2018 – 15th January 2019

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If you are having a festival inspired wedding; you need festival style accommodation to match and our wedding bell tent village hire is perfect. We will create you and your guests a home from home under the stars, no carriages at the end of the night and no need for the party to end. You have spent months and months planning your wedding, why limit it to one day! Make the most from your hard work and celebrate with your friends and family over the entire weekend.

Bell Tent Village

Bell Tent Village

No needs for taxis, often cheaper than local hotels or B&Bs, our bell the hire will convert even those guests not keen on the great outdoors with our fabulous glamping options.

After the celebrations, head back to your bell tent which is cosy, furnished complete with optional bedding and lighting too.

Let us take the wedding admin away from you too and we’ll deal with your guests direct. We’ll provide you with your very own wedding email / website. Just add this information onto your wedding invitations or wedding website under your accommodation section, then let us deal with the rest. We’ll answer all enquiries, deal with all bookings and take all payments on your behalf.


Bell Tent Village Hire

Bell Tent Village Hire

Hire our bell tents with as little or as much as you want; from just the hire of a bell tent right through to fully furnished with news, bedding, lighting and furniture.

And that isn’t it; book 10 or more tents and we will either take 30% from your Bridal Suite booking or 10% discount from all bell tent village tents.

Contact us below via our website or social media for availability and some more detail!

Get In Touch

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